Benefits of Using Rethen

Modern security that is used to protect your Rethen wallet, don't worry we have used a modern security engine where when you access Rethen your wallet will be asked to enter the pin that you entered when creating this Rethen wallet, not easily hacked like other wallets and minimize the risks that occur.

Modern Security Protect

It is not difficult to use this Rethen wallet, if you are not in the house or again outside the house, you can access it via Rethen App. Have a pretty good appearance, easy to use and global in the sense that it can be accessed from every corner of the world.

Can be accessed globally

In the transaction using Rethen Wallet, you are charged a very small fee, and allows not to harm you to the users, have a good speed in sending tokens or coins. Rethen wallet has also been supported by the Blockchain Network, Ethereum and several other networks that will collaborate with Rethen.

Fee in Transaction

As is in this era, we use blockchain as based of our technology to serve more secure, fast, transparant transaction.

Blockchain Based

Token Details

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Token Allocation

Token Sale: 50%
Blockchain Community and Partnership: 10%
Team: 20%
Marketplace: 10%
Airdrop and Bounties: 10%
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  • Rethen Foundation has been created . Start Rethen Development Platform Security Blockchain and Ethereum app.
  • Development Security Blockchain and Ethereum app completed and finished
Token Sale
  • Pre sale and Rethen Token sale started.
  • Token sales are closed after reaching Hardcap , and Burn token remaining sale.
  • Exchanges Listing ( Enter the largest exchange list ).
  • Registration In CoinMarketCap after List in Any Echanges.
  • Launch Beta Testnet and Partnership Security of blockchain and Ethereum app.
  • Coming soon.

About Us

Rethen Foundation has created a new innovation, a modern crypto currency wallet that is used to protect your assets, we have also been supported on the Blockchain network, Ethereum and several other networks.

We have very good features for crypto currency wallets in the future. Among them is that we can develop the security level of your wallet using modern security protect which cannot be hacked by irresponsible people. Speed up transactions between crypto wallets. Using modern data storage, can be accessed anywhere you are and certainly minimizes the risk that you don't want.

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Our Team

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Founder & CEO Rethen Foundation.

William Scoot
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Head Of Design.

Fotvear Alexander
team member

Community and Social media Manager.

Thomas Lawren
team member

Blockchain App Developer.

Matthew Park

Our Partners

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Contact Us

33 Manor Station St. Saint Paul
Minnesota 55104 US
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